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Let Dr. Bronner’s Take Care of Your Skin

Aging is an option. What used to be an inevitable process can now be reversed with the help of science, technology, and nature! Dr. Bronner’s is a skincare brand known for its advocacy in the use of safe, potent, and natural ingredients such as hemp oil among many others.

The Benefits of Multi-Use Dr. Bronner’s Bar Soap

They say there is no one-size-fits-all skin care product. Well obviously, these people haven’t heard of Dr. Broner’s before. This skincare company has been around for decades, consistently delivering superior quality soaps that are made from the freshest, most natural of ingredients.

What makes Dr. Bronners products unique and outstanding is the age –old soap making traditions that they are still following to this day. Making soaps is now easier than ever before thanks to technology! But these soaps lack the excellence and quality that Dr. Bronners bar soaps can only deliver.

The best-selling Pure Castile Soap is made from the finest ingredients including Dr. Bronner’s coconut oil. The combination of coconut oil and organic palm kernel oil results in a highly saturated formulation that produces a good lather for softer, smoother skin. It also contains organic hemp, jojoba, and olive oil that add moisture to dry and dull skin.

Fair Trade Skin Care

A major selling point of Dr. Bronner’s soaps and wellness supplements is that their ingredients are at least 70% fair trade. This means that the ingredients used in the production of soaps are sourced from local organic farmers following established Fair Trade Policies and Rules. You are helping communities from remote regions to grow their community and help give their children a better future, too!

Multi-Use Bar Soap

The Pure Castile Soap in both liquid and solid form can be used not only on the skin and face, but can be used for the hair, too! Other applications for their soap are as follow:

home cleaning

With its multi-use benefit, Dr. Bronner’s bar soap is one versatile and affordable product that you should definitely add to your next shopping list!

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